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Integration Odoo Invoice/Payment/Delivery

Support to the quotation process and closing of sale/purchase.

Have an additional channel to keep track and control of your accounts receivable.

Using WhatsApp For Customer Communication

Higher open rate unlike email. If your client does not answer the call, the WhatsApp message will serve as a reminder to contact later.

Using WhatsApp For Customer Support

Our customers would always prefer to send you a message over WhatsApp rather than calling a helpdesk number or raising a ticket.

Creative Usage Of WhatsApp For Business

Grow your business profitably and creatively. Use WhatsApp as an extra sales or purchase channel

Using WhatsApp For Marketing & Promotion

WhatsApp can be a very solid marketing tool. It is a good individual platform for direct communication. You can use WhatsApp to send images, audio files, short videos of your products and more.

What is this plugin for me.?

  • Extra communication channel, if the email does not work you will always have WhatsApp available

  • Send reminder to your quote customers

  • Send informational purchase quote or sale order Link url for quick collection of your sale

All these benefits are ready in a single complement to improve your business.


Using WhatsApp For payment reminder

Whatsapp will help you bill more, faster and control and speed up your collection process.


Using WhatsApp For Customer Support

Our customers would always prefer to send you a message over WhatsApp rather than calling a helpdesk number or raising a ticket.


Quick collection of accounts receivable, payment reminder

Your collection team will have an additional communication channel to streamline your accounts receivable process.

Open whatsapp web in the same tab.

Synchronize your Whasapp web application once, the rest of the actions will be redirected to the same window

Get in touch directly with WhatsApp, without having to register it previously. Communicate with your customer, provider, contacts, employees and more

How this addons work? Example.

Step 0

Set permissions

Template Create

Step 1

Prepare your Invoice and click on send Whatsapp, use country mobile code without the + sign

Step 2

The Recipient and the mobile is obtained automatically. Choose the format of your message between: product items document text plane, link to the html document, price list or any other quick message

Step 3

Click send, if it is on the PC, WhatsApp Web opens, if it is on the smartphone, your WhatsApp application opens directly, in both cases the conversation opens directly without the need to previously register the contact

Step 4

Message Whatsapp wiht Document Link

Odoo • Image and Text

Step 5

The information requested by the client will arrive with a link that redirects it to the digital quote

Odoo • Text and Image

Step 6

Your clients will have direct access from WhatsApp to invoices HTML, payment directly

Step 7

Send payment support and receive accounts receivable to your customers and suppliers.

Step 8

Check your preformatted content

Step 9

Your team can establish if the message was sent or not and your reasons, to make decisions in the case

Control and monitoring of the message sent to the user and which employee sent it

Comparison Table

Features GTICA.C.A, the our Softhealer Technologies Pragmatic Ascents Entrepreneurs
Templates for quick response messages from Odoo
Quick response template customization by category, sale name, company
Selection of sending invoice or quotation with default format Text or HTML
Sending URL access to invoice or quote for quick payment
Send Price List
Send Payments reminder
Send message to single contacts with multiple attachments
Send order product details from Sales Order
Display message in Sales order message chatter
Send order product details from Account invoice,Account payment, Credit notes
Display message in Account invoice, Account payment, Credit notes message chatter
Send order product details from Purchase order
Display message in Purchase order message chatter
Send order product details from Delivery order
Display message in Delivery order message chatter
In CRM when lead or opportunity is created then a message is sent to sales person
Display message in CRM message chatter

Why this module? theoretical support

The use of WhatsApp for business, represents a great support for all levels of communication within the company

Channel / media the comunication extra for your company

Email vs Whatsapp

  • - The company's emails can be lost in a spam tray or if the client receives a large number of daily emails, our information may lose relevance among so much documentation.
  • - With a WhatsApp message we can directly indicate to the client of interest, the sending of the requested budget or the invoice that has been generated and encourage him to check his email for more details, you can also attach additional information.
  • - Once the potential client accepts the conversation with the company through WhatsApp, we can send a URL link with the budget or customer order, When the client opens the link, he will find a striking website with images and persuasive descriptions of the products that we wish to sell, this with the intention of increasing the interest of purchase by the client.
  • - Conversations through WhatsApp are private with the company, unlike public social networks, WhatsApp is a better option to handle complaints, difficult clients, returns and more, thus protecting our corporative digital image

Email vs Whatsapp

  • - If we call a customer, and for some reason he does not answer, we can leave reminders to indicate a better time and day of the new call and therefore recover a potential sale.
  • - Customer service, support and sales strategy are more efficient, we can send infographics, product images, videos with some solution and everything adjusted to the real needs of each client.
  • - You can contact your client or potential client anywhere in the world.

Rating Clients

Top Service
Renata Neusinger

Good day, Thanks for the quick help. And thanks for adapting the app to our tasks. Really good support. Continue soo. Best regards Thomas

100% recommended
Iván Cabanas Fernández

The module complies with all that is indicated. The developer takes care of any doubt immediately and helps you as much as possible.

Excellent after sales Service

Thank you guys for your quick support. I have never had this quick support from any developer. Keep your excellent work on!!!!.

Great module from great developer

This module allows to place stuning design descriptions on products from the product record itself with the drag androp website builder style. By buying this module you get a good module and an awesome support.

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